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3 ways to incorporate your Engagement Photos into your Wedding Planning Process

Updated: May 10, 2023

Engagement sessions are a fun way to get updated professional pictures of you and your partner. For many of my clients, it's their first time, which makes getting them done even more special. "So what do I do with them after I get them? The #1 use for engagement photos may be an obvious one... SAVE THE DATES! Yes, people still send out cards! "But why? Can't I post on Facebook or Instagram?" Sure, but keep in mind Save The Dates also hold essential and personal information on them, such as: 1. Yours and your partner's First and Last names 2. Your Wedding DATE ("Save the Date") 3. Location of the Wedding 4. The Wedding Venue (Optional) 5. Your Wedding Website*** Physical cards are a simple way for your loved ones to feel appreciated. They are also great for getting updated addresses for your contact books and sharing essential links with your guest, that may miss them if you trust them to rely solely on Social Media.

This leads me to option #2 on how to use your engagement photos. A WEDDING WEBSITE! Most couples get a good chunk of pictures from their engagement sessions, mine at least 60! Instagram can only hold ten images at a time on Carsel Picture post, and unless you're posting your entire gallery to Facebook -- which we love that you love them enough too -- Having your images spread out and shared throughout the process is a great way to show them off and get the best uses out of them. Wedding websites range from multi-tabbed pages where all the information is separated into different tabes. Others use the scroll-down method, which requires the viewer to scroll continuously, and all the information is listed on one page. This is where you can include more details on top of the info listed on your SAVE THE DATES.

- Wedding venue(s) and addresses - Wedding times and instructions for parking - Links to nearby hotels + stays

- Dress codes & colors you suggest guests follow

- Rules or "Need to know" (EX: No Kids, Dry Wedding, No Pictures during the ceremony, Yes to plus ones or Nos to plus ones) - Your RSVP - "Songs you wanna hear." - Video of you and your partner - and of course, PICTURES OF YOU! Note that it's great to ask the photographer for close-ups and detail shots during your session so that not every picture is a smiling photo of you both... try ring shots, close-ups of eyes, feet walking, blurred motion shots, shots of landscapes or far off shots of you both. So... we have the beginning detail, the midway through the journey detail, and the day of detail, which is... #3 YOUR SIGNATURE BOOK! Instead of a blank book with writing in it or a giant white border signature board for people to sign, turn your engagement photos into a coffee table book. When you open it, have beautiful and personal notes from all your guests displayed among your engagement photos. That way, you have something that isn't distracting in your home, not forgotten on a shelf or in a box. I hope this helps <3

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